About Me

Let's Get Aquainted

Gerri’s idea of a perfect day always includes a book, preferably one with a happy ending. She writes Catholic historical romance novels set in pioneer Florida, and non-romance short stories that  explore the importance of community, connection, and human dignity. 

A native of New York City, Gerri found her own small-town haven in Florida many years ago. She lives with her husband, spoils her cats, keeps tabs on a far-flung extended family, and gets out into the garden when possible, although the plants question her dedication.  

A former journalist, she edited The Parce Letters: Voices from the Past, a collection of primary sources on Florida pioneers, in 2004. She has been published twice in The Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Journal of Florida Literature, in  2015 and 2018.

Gerri has a B.A. in English from Stetson University. She earned the degree in midlife while working at the university. She also has an associate's degree in Communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology. 

Other Stuff

Gerri shares her space-geek husband’s enthusiasm for our final frontier, which helps her remember she doesn’t live in the 19th century. 

She's also a needlework nerd who crochets, quilts, and sews clothing at a pace that qualifies her for the slow-life movement.